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Elderberry Zinc Lozenges-60ct
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I have had a torn bicep tendon for about 4 years now, taken everything for it, try my best not to use it and it's just a pain I've accepted I just have to live with as I cant afford a surgery. I saw this stuff here and immediately bought it (it's very painful so anything that might help that i can afford I'll try.) Out of everything I've used, this stuff has helped the most. Of course the tendon is still torn and probably always will be, but i can now at least rotate my shoulder in most directions without crazy shooting pains and that's a whole lot better than not. I'd definitely recommend to anyone with tendon pains

Thumper, United States

Excelenteproducto... cuando se esteacabandoordenare mas!!!!

Edgar Ilich Trujillo Alfonzo, United States

I tore my Achilles and started taking this supplement. I can’t say that it helped but recovery was quick and I’m back to playing.

bill, United States


sun lynch, United States

I have been having nagging pains for last few months and ordered this to help with the issue. 2 days pain subsides and 7 days no more pain. I am hooked.

Ruby, United States

I do some competitive cycling and am usually in a lot of pain for a few days after my big rides. I took Tendon Medic after a big ride and was in minimal pain thereafter. I am very happy with the results and happy not to take Advil.

splattahouse, United States

These seems to work on the tendons. I have a lot of Nerve damage from a car accident, so it is hard to tell how much it is working. I have also had to had two tendons repaired.

Sandra Lee Hartsell, United States

On week 2 now and already feel less pain after workouts, have not needed motrin. Def will reorder

rishi ramkissoon, United States