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A Formulator's Notes-Testo Medic

I started out just tweaking a formula to improve testosterone levels. A mentor of mine said to take a few of his suggested ingredients and testosterone numbers will improve. 

I didn't hesitate and seemed to feel better. 

Testosterone, after all, is the essence of what makes a man a man. Besides its role in helping the development into a man, a mature man gets energy, strength, vitality and well being from the hormone. At the athlete level, it helps to build strength and muscle while lowering body fat. 

My formula was good and my customers and clients liked it. At the time, it was something like 14 pills or more per day and there was pushback from it. Clients would tell me they had the pills for lunch and weren't hungry for food. 

Fairly there was a lot of pills but I used to emphasize the results. It is really tough to put something good or worthwhile in one pill. Even if you could, it would be just one ingredient. The average capsule has an upper limit of about 750-800mg. 

It really wasn't until I had a client that did lots of medical tests every few weeks, did my formula get interesting. At that time, we would play with ratios and make substitutions and could see actual results on paper. 

After my formula was made into a product, I was really enthused. I would talk to my wife like I was back in my 20's again. Truth be told, I had never taken the entire formula all at once before I had Testo Medic. It seems that I was never good at stocking all the ingredients.

When I took Testo Medic, I experienced was profound strength increases, pumped up muscles, and overall better energy. I really could not believe what was happening. So, what did I do? I told my wife about all that was happening. I thanked her for her patience with me... I am sure it was only love that kept her listening. I could not imagine she really cared about all my day to day reports. 

One day, she asked me a question. "Can I take Testo Medic?" 

Huh? All my planning, and I really had never thought of that. Truthfully, it wouldn't hurt but I wasn't sure if it would help. 

In the process, I hit the research and did a deep dive into the ingredients. I read a lot of research on Fairly, I don't mind doing this but it did take me quite some time and I "stopped" after I wrote two pages worth. 

I did not quote the studies per se, but I did write down the "take home" point of the studies. This is why I call it "notes".  I was mainly looking for anything interesting the ingredients can do besides what is intended. 

What I found was outright remarkable. I have copied the notes and posting them for the reader's information. There are power ingredients in the formula, yes, really powerful. Read and enjoy.