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Tendon Medic Bottle
Tendon Medic Bottle
Tendon Medic Bottle
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Tendon Medic Testimonials

Best Natural PAin Relief I have ever used (Amazon)

I have been having nagging pains for last few months and ordered this to help with the issue. 2 days pain subsides and 7 days no more pain. I am hooked.

Ruby, Verified Purchase

Tendon Medic helps ease my aches after training (Amazon)

I do some competitive cycling and am usually in a lot of pain for a few days after my big rides. I took Tendon Medic after a big ride and was in minimal pain thereafter. I am very happy with the results and happy not to take Advil.

splattahouse, Verified Purchase

Tendon Help (Amazon)

These seems to work on the tendons. I have a lot of Nerve damage from a car accident, so it is hard to tell how much it is working. I have also had to had two tendons repaired.

Sandra Lee H., Verified Purchase

Great alternative to anti-inflammatories (Amazon)

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Rishi R, Verified Purchase

Excelente!!!! (Amazon)

Excelente producto... cuando se este acabando ordenare mas!!!!

Edgar A, Verified Purchase

really,worth,it,thank,you (Amazon)


Sun L., Verified Purchase

Good product in conjunction with therapy. (Amazon)

I tore my Achilles and started taking this supplement. I can’t say that it helped but recovery was quick and I’m back to playing.

Bill, Verified Purchase

It helps for sure (Amazon)

I have had a torn bicep tendon for about 4 years now, taken everything for it, try my best not to use it and it's just a pain I've accepted I just have to live with as I can't afford a surgery. I saw this stuff here and immediately bought it....

Thumper, Verified Purchase