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Tendon Medic

1) Should I take with food or on an empty stomach? 

It is slightly better to take on an empty stomach but the formula will work either way.

2) How long does it take to work? 

The product will work within 20 minutes on an empty stomach and will take longer with food in the stomach. 

3) How many pills am I supposed to take?

Take the suggested dose of 3 capsules each time. As the discomfort subsides, you can take less pills if desired. 

4) Does it upset your stomach? 

There is always a chance that it will with someone. There was a customer that figured out he could not drink it with milk or his stomach was upset. After he started using water, it was fine. 

5) Is this product safe? 

Most of the ingredients are stars in the supplements world. There is no warning label required but there is never any harm running the product by your doctor. 

6) How many doses per day can I take? 

1 to 2 doses per day is normal.