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The Best Brain Creation Story 


Best Brain Nootropic



As I make a few formulated supplements and suggest others, I would often get asked about when I am to make a brain formula.

Fairly, my brain seemed to work fine and so I wasn’t too worried about it. It’s true to a big degree that many business owners make whole companies around a product they want for themselves. I mean Elon Musk surely wanted a cool car for himself and a big part of the original idea probably did not include other people.

Then it seemed that I would forget names… Honestly, I never thought I was good at remembering names anyway. It became more noticeable. There was an actor that I used to know the name of but now needed Google and then asking other people like my wife what this or that person’s name was.

Coach Poliquin Notes

To solve the problem, I went through my old notes of when I would go to seminars to learn from Coach Charles Poliquin. I credit him with much of my ability and knowledge in nutrition and strength coaching. I found 3 herbs he said to take to help brain function which were:

-Gotu Kola
-Ginkgo Biloba

I read some research and came up with some doses and began the stack.

A few weeks later, I felt there had been some changes. My “name” memory seemed to have come back. I realize the bias here, but I will take a result any which way it happens.

Next Phase

I then started to wonder what research was really out there on this category. I read for weeks. I made lots of notes, copied studies and debated with some colleagues. I started to believe that I could create a unique product and really make a difference for people.

Being Effective

When formulating a product, you have just a limited amount of room in a capsule. It is about 700-800mg. There are only so many pills a person will agree to. With more pills, comes less people buying. It is relatively impossible to have a handful of good ingredients crammed into one pill and get a positive desired outcome.

You have to choose something that will most likely have a benefit and treat a specific issue. Some ingredients treat issues such as depression and anxiety. I chose to treat issues such as memory, concentration or focus. Some of the ingredients may improve reaction time. Basically, I was looking to make the brain younger.

Another objective to tackle is that not all ingredients work in all people. Most studies have a percentage of “non-responders”. By creating multiple ingredients to trigger different pathways to the same outcome can reduce the number of non-responders.

Profound Study

I came upon a study of a good sample size of people with an average age of about 25. They were given a supplement containing lutein and zeaxanthin. These ingredients were normally prescribed for eye health. After a year, the subjects were tested for brain performance and all of the brain performance tests were significantly better. I then decided to use these ingredients plus another to create an eye formula along with this brain formula in one product.

The Ingredients:

Gotu Kola: May help with memory and improve skin healing.

Bacopa Monnieri: Helps with memory, alertness and attention. May also help kidney function.

Ginkgo Biloba: May help with memory and cognition and improve circulation. It may improve circulation even to the eye.

Rhodiola Rosea: May help to reduce fatigue, improve memory and suggestions it could improve lifespan.

Fish Oil: Helps with absorption of some of these ingredients and good for brain and vascular system.

Saffron: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, helps mood and anxiety and anti-depressive, helps retina function.

Lutein: Helps retina function, increases ocular circulation, helps many aspects of brain functions.

Zeaxanthin: Isomer of lutein that also collects in retina at the center. Most studies only use 1-2mg.

Bioperine: Helps with absorption of many of the ingredients here.

Phosphatidylserine: Helps in many areas of cognitive performance. One study showed an improvement in sprinting and another study showed and improved golf swing.

PQQ: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and may protect against brain decline. There is some suggestion it helps with neural growth and increases mitochondrial counts.

Huperzine A:  Neuroprotective and may enhance learning.