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The Testo Medic Story

Testo Medic Story           

Here is the story of how this supplement was created.

I used to follow strength coach Charles Poliquin. Although many people I have learned discredit him on blogs and YouTube, he changed my world dramatically. I learned a lot of things and credit his teachings with the many strength records I have coached. In the aspects of nutrition, he really knew and memorized journals full of knowledge. It was from Poliquin that I learned the beginnings of the formula.

His combination was the “R” form of alpha lipoic acid, carnitine, pantetheine and zinc. I began using this combination in varying degrees on myself and clients somewhere in the early 2000’s.

In the years to follow, I added different types of carnitines as some products had varying degrees of different carnitines and the different carnitines had different effects in the body.

Being the coach and nutrition student I am, I often have formulations stored in my brain just waiting for the right client to come by and test my hypothetical concoction. Then, one day it happened.

My Client that Changed It

Frank (not his real name) came through my doors at 59 years old. A tough, smart and no BS bastard, he was willing to try just about anything to help him not die. He had a blood disease that created Type 1 diabetes, a pacemaker, no active thyroid gland, a spleen that had been removed, and iron levels that bordered the measuring limit. His eyes were yellow, and he looked emaciated. A normal person would have just laid down in a bed and let nature run its course.

We started training and things moved slowly. At certain points he would confess pain on regular movement. I then subtly asked if he would be open to trying some nutritional products.

As a nutrition practitioner, the area of nutrition falls under that believable vs not believable realm that medicine does not have to contemplate. Everyone already believes medicine works. In order to make a believer, you have to suggest a product initially that works or you might not get another chance. So, I went after an easy fix.

“First, we have to clean your liver.” I said.

“Why do I need that?” He asked.

“Because your eyes are yellow and they are supposed to be white.” I answered.

“Oh, you can change that?” He asked.

“Well, I am hopeful I can. I have never worked with someone with this amount of yellow color.” I said.

I then went on to explain what the yellow is and how we were going to do it. My regimen worked without anything unexpected in 2-3 days and I created a believer.

We went on to control his blood sugar with diet suggestions and supplements. There were periods of weeks that he no longer needed insulin. He was even accused of lying by his endocrinologist about his insulin intake. He did have to change doctors.

What made Frank special though is that he measured his blood sugar about eight times per day and he did it methodically. He also had fairly comprehensive blood tests every few weeks. These doctor visits were necessary to lower his blood iron by extracting a pint or two monthly from him to be tossed into the medical wasteland.

I then asked him “Are you ready for the next nutrition thing?”

He responded “Sure, what is it?”

I said that the next part was about fun and that we were going to see how much we can bring up testosterone levels.

The regimen began and his baseline was around 350 for his total testosterone. Unfortunately, his testing never measured free testosterone, but I was happy with at least this one parameter.

In a matter of a month or so with about two testings, we jumped his number to over 800. This was very unexpected even by my own estimations. Interestingly, his red blood cell production increased, which does happen normally with increases in blood testosterone. However, what was so significant is that even with his blood disorder, he began to enter the normal ranges of hemoglobin.

His strength began to skyrocket, all his pains were gone, and he told me his wife was running away from him at home. I told him that he was becoming a candidate for some national strength records.

Unfortunately, business called and I lost him to him having to go back to longer hours at his business. One thing we never really understood together is that with all his success, his doctor never wanted to learn anything we did. We spent a good amount of moments explaining to each other how baffling it was.

(I had since given him a bottle in March, 2020 (He's now 66 years old) and he called me to say that his bench press jumped 60lbs in 1 week (from 150 to 210lbs) and his test jumped past 900 from 650. He accused me jokingly of putting anabolics in the bottle. I told him that anabolics don't work that well. )

With his experience, I then started suggesting a better regimen to my other clients and myself.

Homework Before Production

I spent some years owning commercial clubs and doing less training. As I was exiting the businesses, I took a position managing a GNC store with promises of the district position. I was able to see firsthand about the journey of the consumer experience. It was startling to me how often men would come into the store and buy testosterone boosters and they spent a lot of money.

I would often ask about their experiences on these products. Most often, they would tell me that they think it worked a little. I then wondered if I could make a product that I knew really worked.

The collection of products on the market are virtual copycats of each other. Some of the ingredients do not work and some do and yet others may work a little but for a short time. Those short time working ingredients require the need for cycling which is taking the product for a short time and then requiring a break. If something works, it is an absolute “buzzkill” to stop taking it.

Biologically speaking, the cycling effect has to do with something called up and down regulation of receptors. This happens when there is an abundance of testosterone, herb or other chemical. When there is more of the chemical, the body lowers the number of receptors. The herb most notable for this in testosterone boosters is Tribulus Terrestris(not in Testo Medic). When receptors are lowered, the effectiveness of the chemical is also lowered. Some time off the chemical is necessary for a “reset” in the body.

To create a long-term and a non-cycling booster, the formulation needs to address the up and down regulations of receptors. Essentially, this is accomplished with carnitines. I have come up with the preferred ratio, and why you see it as a “blend” on the label to protect against casual copycats. No other product on the market addresses this issue.  

Some of the herbal ingredients also have been experimented with in their respective ratios. There is a blend in this area as well to prevent casual copycatting of the formula. Basically, the herbs are there to address some of the negative issues that can arise when testosterone levels elevate.

Testosterone has a lifespan of up to 40 minutes in the bloodstream. The longer it sits there and accumulates, the more chance it has to turn into its more evil cousins. Testosterone can literally get a sex change to estrogen and it can also turn into a more aggravating chemical called DHT which is an abbreviation for dihydrotestosterone. Estrogens are thought to be inflammatory and DHT is unfriendly to your prostate and hairline. The herbal ingredients in the product are not necessarily in a therapeutic range but do help to address the potential of these evil hormones rising when testosterone levels rise.

I also added the right combo of herbs/herbal extracts to build muscle. I figured why not put a little muscle on with rising testosterone numbers. I am pretty sure no man will see this as unwanted.

The First Batch/Beta Testing

Apparently, testosterone boosters have a pretty bad rap. Amazon no longer allows ads for the whole product category and if you want to advertise on Google, they will not let an ad contain the word testosterone.

I initially launched on Amazon which was my whole marketing plan only to find that Amazon would provide no help.

With social media, I was able to get the product into dozens of people’s hands.

My Results

I started taking my own product first, well of course. My expectations were low as I had been on about 80% of the ingredients in Testo Medic. For me, it seemed relieving to not open eight bottles or more and swallow a large number of pills. I would have called success here and been happy. However, something changed.

Two days in, my chest and arms felt fuller. In the gym, we call this a “pump”. However, I had just finished a whole day out in the Florida sun fishing. Still, I remember it but did not connect it to the product.

The next day on the chest press (Hoist) where I like to do some of my workout, my 12-rep max increased 1 plate which is about 7%. I did find it odd and I did have a more abnormal pump. I started to question if my product was an influence.

This went on… Each workout (Mondays), I increased a plate for my 12-rep max. By the third week, I could no longer do 5 sets of 12. This is a normal circumstance with strength increases. At the 4th week, I increased again and only did 2 sets at the 12-rep max. A 28% gain is unheard of in 24 days. I then ran out of plates on the machine.

Also to note, I had not moved my numbers anywhere in the weeks before taking the supplement. There were other increases in other exercises but I did not track these as my workouts tend to vary. These gains fluctuated over time as I had periods of work that limited my gym time. How work gets in the way... 

Other things to note is my body hurt less, I was less sore and had quicker recovery both in the workout and between workouts. The pumps seem to last continuously. Male performance was also enhanced. 

See more Testo Medic testimonials on the website.


This supplement is really to help with all things testosterone. When on the supplement, make the gym a necessity and you will receive that extra edge that seems to elude the many that stop going to the gym. Keep your protein up. What that means is take a little extra protein since you are working out. What would your motivation be like if every week you went back to the gym and your numbers were better? That sounds like being a teenager. Check it out here.